© Marián Komácek

© Marián Komácek

Marián Komácek
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Painting and graphic works of Marián Komácek, with many metaphors and allegories, so easily set and with uneasiness getting directly under the skin, address the visitors already for ten years. These illusory fragile, without any conflict, sometimes even banal painting scenes as determined by our every day life, include an urgent challenge. They search for the harmony of discomposure, address current events by which they address. From this quiet painting surface emerge dynamic contours of only anticipated stories, anonymous human beings, controlled by many emotions, bad habits, passions and these only with difficulties find their way to mutual understanding. An alienation and the bridge to overcome it. our belief and hopelessness, existence calls and skintight ironic commentaries of our time regulate the painting composition. Despite the fact that Marián Komácek does not see us as an idyll, his vision of the world and the challenge is optimistic. In every situation he finds the way and method how to leave vicious circles of hopelessness and ill success. This uneasy level of importance underlines also the handwriting and local color -breaking, dynamic, expressive and radiating.

His pictures are unkempt, eruptive, with eccentric colors, his graphic is accompanied by refinement -discipline, imagination and metaphor, culture of forms and colors, dense ideas and concentration, his mastery of managing the technical niceties. Graphics and bookplates conjure Komácek dreams and ideas about life, human relations, suggestively defining the tension between man and woman, controlling the world for centuries and the latest work directly present his interest in cars, kept secret for a long period.
(Danica Lovíšková)

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